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Welcome to the kids ministry at Bethany Nazarene Church! We are a ministry that is GATHERING - GROWING - GOING. 

GATHERING - We find is SO important to have regular times to meet together for a carefully planned time of worship. We use this time to engage God's Word, pray together and hear the needs of the children we are privileged to minister to.

GROWING - What would we be if we just met but never found room to allow God to move in us and help us GROW! Kids are growing in so many ways and we want to insure that while they are at BNC Kids, spiritual growth is a top priority!

GOING - You will find that we are a ministry that is on the GO! We come alongside children and help them understand they aren't just the church of tomorrow but they are the church of TODAY! We are called to serve and so we look to provide opportunities to do just that. Children are equipped to take their faith outside the walls of the church and GO and be the church to those around them.